About Coach Long



I was born on October 19, 1974, and raised in Northeast Texas in Hopkins County- a place I am still incredibly proud to call my home. I have truly deep American roots, in that I have Native American blood in my lineage and all of my ancestors that I have been able to study so far, had migrated to the British colonies in North America by 1780. These migrants were Swiss/German, Scots/Irish, English, and Dutch. I also have Cherokee ancestry. The vast majority of my ancestors came from the Carolinas, Virginia, Maryland or Pennsylvania and then moved westward to either Kentucky or Tennessee. From Kentucky and Tennessee, my ancestors made their way into Texas, some of whom were living in Texas by 1835 before the beginning of the Texas Revolution, the last of whom moved his family to Northeast Texas in 1896, so I have deep roots in Texas, as well.


Having been raised in the small, rural farming community of Birthright, in Northeast Texas, I graduated from North Hopkins High School where I played baseball and basketball, and was involved in both the FFA and the Beta Club- an honor society for our school and two wonderful programs. I received my undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin and my teaching certificate through the University of Texas at Tyler. After a brief stint working in the professional music industry, I pursued the goal of becoming a teacher and coach. I began my teaching and coaching career at Collins Middle School in Corsicana, Texas, where I taught honors Texas History courses and coached seventh grade girls volleyball and basketball. From Corsicana, I moved back to Hopkins County and taught World History, Earth Science and a Multimedia course at my alma mater- North Hopkins High School and coached the following sports: volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball and track. My next stop in my career was at Manvel High School where I taught courses in both World History and US History and coached both volleyball and basketball. I am now in my eighth year at Dickinson High School. This year will mark my twentieth full year as a professional educator.

On a personal note, I married my beautiful and lovely wife, Stephanie Michelle Long in 2014. Four years ago, on July 8, 2016, we introduced our newest member of the Long Family to the world, as our son, Quentin Michael Long was born. My wife and I began attending the Dickinson First United Methodist Church in 2015. In 2015, we purchased a historic home in my wife's hometown of Alvin, Texas, which was built in 1910 by the first dentist in Brazoria County. We are in the process of restoring the home at present- a process which may take us eight to ten years. As a family, we enjoy the following: traveling, listening to music, reading, watching movies, hiking, beach-combing, kayaking, snorkeling and free-diving, and alpine climbing. Our favorite vacation spots are Taos, New Mexico and the island of Culebra which is a part of the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. When we can do so, we also enjoy taking the time to travel to see my parents and the family farm near Sulphur Springs, Texas. 

From my home to yours, we hope that you will have a happy, safe, enjoyable and successful year of learning in my classroom. 

Many thanks-- Coach Long

Our Philosophy

My philosophy of education is actually quite simple. It is my belief that it is my job to do an honest assessment of where each student is in my classroom and to work hard to make sure that they have the skills and the discipline to be able to succeed and achieve their educational goals. 

My Favorites

Movies: The James Bond Films, The Indiana Jones Films, The Star Wars Films, Apollo 13, From the Earth to the Moon, Forrest Gump, Classical Western Films, and The Star Trek Films

Books: A Man on the Moon: The Voyages of the Apollo Astronauts by Andrew Chaikin

Music: Classic Rock

Food; Seafood, Barbeque and the cuisine of New Mexico

Favorite Period in AP US History- The Space Race of the Cold War

Places: Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Teton National Park, Culebra Island, Puerto Rico, Taos, New Mexico, and my hometown, Sulphur Springs, Texas